David Smith – Sound Engineer and Director

David studied music and technology in Melbourne and has worked in audio production for over 20 years.

His experience ranges from radio feature mixing and audiobook directing to commercial voiceover and music composition.

David founded Wardour Studios in 2012.

Taryn Ferris

Taryn Ferris – Freelance Production Manager

Taryn has a background in feminist philosophy and thought.

Having spent nine years in UK universities managing projects and events, and facilitating relationships between students and professionals, she now works as Wardour’s freelance Production Manager.

Taryn’s hands are also frequently filthy from running her own garden design and maintenance business


Thom Vaughan – Freelance Sound Engineer

Thom is from South West London, and has worked in audio production for over 10 years.

His previous work includes recording voiceover, composing musical soundtracks and digital sound design.

Thom also speaks fluent Swedish, and can often be found playing with synthesisers.

Anna Stephanou – Social Media Manager13942248_10154337522635279_839276716_n

Anna is from Greece and has studied Music, Sociology and Media Management.

She is developing her career in Music as a singer-songwriter.

She works as a Social Media Manager and writes music for both her personal album and other projects.

You can always find her singing on and off stage.