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Super Great Kids’ Stories create fun tales to make you laugh and cry with some of the best storytellers from around the world, recommended for ages 5 to 105! Supergreat Kids’ Stories is a co-production between Wardour Studios and storyteller Kim Normanton.

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Latest Episodes | From November 2023

EP. 183

26 mins
The Magic Drum
There’s a drought, and all the animals are hungry. The old tortoise is on his last legs, searching for something to eat in the bush, when he comes across a magic drum which provides all the food you can eat. Surely that's a good thing? Or is it? Listen to storyteller Wangari tell this magical song story from Kenya and see what you think?

Episode here

EP. 182

20 mins
The Man, the Tiger and the Rabbit
A man frees a tiger from a pit, and very nearly gets gobbled up as a result of his kindness. Happily, a clever rabbit hops along to save the day and teaches that tiger an important lesson. Listen to Sef Townsend telling this Korean version of a wise old tale, and learn how to greet people in Korean.

Episode here

EP. 181

18 mins
The Fox and the Raven
Once upon a time there was a greedy Raven and a sly Fox. The Raven had a thing for sheep cheese and kept rather a lot of it in his stinky nest. The other animals were rather fed up with Raven, so asked Fox to use his quick wits to help them. Listen to this hilarious modern take on an ancient Greek Fable told by talented storyteller Paul A

Episode here

EP. 180

23 mins
Anansi and Number Five
Anansi’s up to his tricks again. As usual, he’s trying to con his animal friends out of their food. He’s doing rather well – until he meets Guinea Fowl who knows exactly the same tricks. Who will be the greatest trickster in this story? Listen to storyteller Wangari tell this fun West African tale, and find out.

Episode here

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Your Lovely Words

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"Thank you for such captivating reading! Sascha (6) has listened to them all, in the car, at bed times and all the time :) recommended them to most friends in Edinburgh! The two favourites are 'How the whale got its sad song' and 'Odon the Giant'!"

by Maria and Lev

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"We look forward to it every week!
Have tried a number of kids stories podcasts this is way and beyond my, and more importantly, my 3.5 year olds favourite. Thoughtfully curated and delightfully told tales! I love the variety of readers and the themed stories. I don’t think my 3.5 can pick a favourite but loves many of the animal tales and the recent 3 wishes - or what he calls the ‘sausage on the nose story’ - makes him giggle every time. Thank you!"

by Sharron Lovell

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Our Storytellers

Kim Normanton

Kim Normanton has been telling traditional stories in schools and museums around the UK for twenty years.

She began telling stories in her children’s school and her interest just grew ‘bigger, and bigger, and bigger’. As a qualified teacher (UK QTS) with a specialism in Early Years and Key Stage 1, she particularly enjoys stories for 3 – 8 year olds, with an emphasis on participation and fun. She uses rhymes and singing and has a world repertoire from African fables to Indian fairy tales. Kim has produced many feature programmes for BBC Radio. Her interest in storytelling has emerged on the airwaves. She’s produced programmes about Cinderella, Creation Stories and Indian folktales.

To learn more about Kim go to

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Godfrey Duncan

Godfrey Duncan (who likes to be known as Tuup) was born in West London, of Guyanese parents. From the age of about 20 he took the name Tuup, a name born out of a vision he had one night.

TUUP joined the West London Storytelling Unit, run by Ben Haggarty and Georgiana, an Innovative Arts group looking at Performance Storytelling for Adults.

In the late 80s he formed a storytelling group along with Indian dancer Flora Devi called “Tellers of Time” (Indian tales & dance & Afro-Caribbean tales & rhythm.)

TUUP has been retelling traditional stories for many years. He is one of the most inspirational storytellers from the African-Caribbean community, as well as the wider International Storytelling. If you liked Tuup’s stories about the snake king and the whale and want to contact him, his website is here.

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Pamela Marre

Pamela Marre has always been surrounded by her Jewish family stories. She began working with them in experimental theatre in the late 70’s with various improvising groups and in a duo with Japanese artist Kazuko Hohki.

In the late 80’s Pamela started linking the stories together and working as a solo storyteller. She works with traditional storytelling material from all cultures. Pamela’s interest in history and the spoken word, led her to work for many years at Imperial War Museums where she captivated adults and visiting school children with her stories. Kim has vivid memories of Pamela running an evacuation re-enactment day – mesmerising children with her version of the Pied Piper.

Contact Pamela via

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Peter Chand

British Indian storyteller Peter Chand is one of Europe’s most renowned storytellers and is constantly in demand for his tales of wisdom, love, and the supernatural.

He has shared his tales across Britain and has also performed in Norway, France, Austria, Canada, and Singapore, amongst other countries. He is also a respected trainer, leading workshops with teachers, librarians, budding storytellers, and anyone trying to find their voice and gain confidence when performing in public.

Peter is also part of the organising team of Festival at the Edge, which is the oldest storytelling festival in England, and is currently Storyteller in Residence at The Story Museum in Oxford. If you want to contact Peter please go to Facebook Page –

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Tiernan Douieb

Tiernan Douieb has been trying to convince people that he’s a comedian and writer for quite some years. Most recently, and of the things he’s allowed to mention, Tiernan has written episodes for Hey Duggee, the Bust or Trust kids mystery podcast, and stories for the Super Great Kids Stories podcast and Cosmic Kids Yoga channel. He also co-runs the Comedy Club 4 Kids, doing stand-up for children aged 6+ and their families. In-between all that he mostly eats crisps.

He has performed all over the world in most of the best comedy clubs and theatres and also several of the worst ones.

Tiernan is the regular host, writer and everything for the Partly Political Broadcast, a comedy politics podcast that was one of The Observer’s Top Ten Political Podcasts of 2018. They didn’t do a chart in 2019 so I think it still counts.

He also co-runs Comedy Club 4 Kids, shouting jokes at other people’s children mainly because his own daughter is a much tougher audience.

Tiernan has written for TV, articles, podcasts, adverts, other comedians and a variety of angry but creative post-it notes on the van parked right outside his flat that’s been there for ages and is doing his head in. He has also done some of that acting, including in C4’s Fresh Meat and a beer commercial for beer that he’s never actually enjoyed.

Once he saw a squirrel eating a cornetto like a human would and that’s probably up there in his top 5 life moments.

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Nadine Wild Palmer

Nadine Wild Palmer is a writer and creator of: stories, books, songs, poetry, scripts, comedy, music and theatre. Nadine’s debut children’s novel The Tunnels Below, is published by Pushkin Press.

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Kate Corkery

Since growing up behind the counter of a little sweet shop in Ireland, Kate has loved listening to stories.

Straight after University, Kate spent 3 years teaching in Kenya where she picked up a little Swahili and a lot of great African folk tales.

Since then she has gone on to tell and collect stories throughout Ireland, The UK and Europe, and has been invited to perform far and wide internationally. In recognition of her extensive tours to China and South America, Kate was awarded ‘World Good Will and Cultural Ambassador 2019’ – for her “outstanding talent, passion ,depth and hard work”

For over 20 years Kate has delighted audiences big and small in schools, libraries, museums, theatres and festivals. As well as solo work, she has also joined forces with other wonderful tellers along the way. With Winston Nzinga, she forms half of the dynamic Celtic/Caribbean duo “Spud and Yam”- and with Anne Johnson she is a core member of Everyday Magic collaborating on writing and recording educational materials and bringing exciting storytelling and music projects to London schools.

She loves to share myths, legends and reminiscences from her native home and was honoured with a BASE award for most outstanding storytelling performance in “Sweetshop on the Shore” – her autobiographical show – highly acclaimed as “an Irish’ Under Milk Wood’.”

For further info contact

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Emily Hennessey

Emily is a storyteller based in the Lake District, UK. She tells stories from across the world for anyone who will listen!
With a Swedish background, Emily has a particular passion for Norse mythology and Scandinavian folktales. Work and travels in India have also infused a great love of Hindu myth and epic.

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Nick Hennessey

Nick Hennessey is a storyteller, singer and songwriter. Nick is a dynamic performer whose love for the traditional culture of the British Isles blends together the note, the song and the spoken word into a unique and engaging style.

His work has taken him all over the UK and around the world, playing at folk clubs, literature festivals, village halls and venues such as London’s South Bank and the Albert Hall. His voice whether singing or speaking is spellbinding.

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Amy Douglas

Amy Douglas is a word-hoarder, a word-storer, a word-catcher and a word explorer. After winning ‘Young Storyteller of the Year’ at 16, Amy apprenticed to world-renowned traditional Scots Traveller and storyteller Duncan Williamson, and now holds many of his stories and ballads in trust. She’s been a storyteller performer and promoter for three decades. She plays with words, riddles and puzzles.She likes jumping in puddles, getting muddy, treasure hunts and has a favourite tree where she likes to sit with a book and an apple.
She lives in Shropshire, which is wild, magical and has stories hidden everywhere – she even put some in a book of her own ‘Shropshire Folk Tales for Children!’

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Rachel Murray

Rachel lives in Derbyshire in England. She loves stories. She’s always loved stories. She sees them as friends who like to pop round for cups of tea. She tells stories in schools, libraries, the woods and anywhere else that she can. She also likes adventures, singing loudly, playing games, hiding in trees and making peculiar noises.


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Chris Bostock

Chris tells traditional stories, inspired by nature, gathered from around the world. His stories are chosen to encourage listeners to be curious about the world, to dream with open eyes and to become storytellers. Chris lives in Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East of England, where he’s part of a group of Storytellers called A Bit Crack.

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Emily Hana Grazebrook

Emily Hanna-Grazebrook is a singer-storyteller who hosts a storytelling podcast for children with her son Leo. It’s called Dragon Fly Tales.
Emily is from London and her parents are from Ireland so naturally she grew up believing in fairies, selkies and angels.
She regularly tells stories to children and adults at schools, festivals and museums and to her son Leo.
Emily believes that the role of a storyteller is to inspire the storyteller in others.

You can find her podcast website at:

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Baden Prince

Baden Prince (Jnr) is an Antiguan-born performer and storyteller who has been a part of London’s thriving Live Literature and Spoken Word scene “since the turn of the century,” (21st!)

Over the past few years Baden has developed an impressive reputation as a storyteller, largely due to a series of appearances at the East Anglian Storytelling Festival where he has delighted and enthralled audiences young, old and young at heart. His repertoire incorporates “traditional” tales from the Caribbean and all over the world, as well as his own material.

As a performer Baden engages his audiences with a style that is warm, self-assured and displays an entertaining blend of insight and humour.

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Juliana Marin

Juliana (aka @AchiraStories) is a travelling storyteller from Colombia who travels the world telling tales on a shoestring.

A graduate of the Vivapalabra storytelling school in Medellin in Colombia, her travels are funded by her stories. She tells tales wherever she is – on street corners in Germany, festivals in Morocco, a beach in Cyprus and on a pyramid in Mexico. She and her partner have been on the road for 2 years, has travelled through 25 countries, and after their current stint in Europe, they’re planning on heading East.

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Wendy Shearer

Wendy is a professional storyteller and writer based in London. 

She regularly performs stories in schools and institutions across the arts including The British Museum, Shakespeare’s Globe, and the Royal Academy of Arts. 
Her repertoire of stories is drawn mainly from her African-Caribbean ancestry. 
She’s also a member of the Society for Storytelling and actively promotes the ancient art form of oral storytelling. 
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Wangari Grace

Wangari is a performance Storyteller and children’s author based in Nairobi, Kenya, Wangari the Storyteller as she is popularly known, believes in the power of stories to make us reflect on life past, present and future.
She tells stories in schools, and to grown up audiences. She also enjoys travelling to storytelling festivals and theatres in Europe, Asia and beyond.

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Corey, 6 yrs old
Jake, 6 yrs old
Maya, 7 yrs old
Karen, 8 yrs old

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