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Welcome to Supergreat Kids’ Stories, fun tales to make you laugh and cry with some of the best storytellers from around the world, recommended for ages 5 to 105…

Our current series of stories are about Change and Transformation

Supergreat Kids’ Stories is a co-production between Wardour Studios and storyteller Kim Normanton.

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Episode 57 – Bouki Dances The Kokioko

Do you like dancing? This lively story from Haiti in the Caribbean told by musician and storyteller Tuup, contains a special dance, a song and a trickster. See if you can learn the song and make up your own dance.

Episode 56 – The Crow and the Sparrow

In this story from India – told by Peter Chand, things don’t look good for a poor little sparrow who is captured by a bullying crow, but don’t worry, life is full of sudden and unexpected change – in this case, for the better.

Episode 55 – Blue Lizard Girl

Ella doesn’t want to start school. But with help from her creepy crawlies: hornet, cobra, grasshopper and blue lizard she gradually starts making friends.

Episode 54 – The Boy Who Used his Head

In this Korean folk tale, told by Pamela Marre, a young boy is laughed at by his brothers for being a bit of a dreamer. But sometimes dreaming can be useful, and bear fruit…

This work kindly shared by Pamela under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


Episode 53 – The White Elephant

In this Buddhist folk tale from ancient India, told by Kim, an elephant mysteriously becomes bad tempered. Its owner has to figure out what’s causing his distress. I wonder if you can solve the mystery?


Episode 52 – The Three Dolls

In this folk tale from Iran told by storyteller Emily Hennessey. A King is sent a mysterious box containing a gift and a riddle. Can you help him solve it?


Episode 51 – The Three Wishes.

What would you ask for if you were given three wishes? Listen to Pamela Marre’s funny retelling of this traditional tale – set in wartime England to find out what the people in the story wished for.

This work kindly shared by Pamela under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.



Episode 50 – How The Birds Got Their Colours.

This week’s story told by Tuup is a ‘How and Why’ tale from Guyana about how the birds got their colours. It’s set in the Amazon Rain Forest. You have to be a bit brave to listen because it’s got a giant snake, and a boy who shoots birds in it. So, hold someone’s hand, take a deep breath, and off, we, go!

Episode 49 – Ted The Tiger Tamer

Do you sometimes get really angry? The boy in this story discovered whenever he felt angry he could turn himself into a Tiger. But then what? Who was in charge – Ted, or the Tiger? Have a listen to Kim telling this story and find out.

Episode 48 – The Girl who Wished for Wings

This story from China is about a girl who longed to fly and get a different view of the world. Will her wish come true? Here’s storyteller Nadine Wild-Palmer to tell us.

Episode 47 – Lion, Vulture and Hyena

Do you think a Lion, a Vulture and a Hyena could live happily in the same home? Listen to this week’s story from East Africa told by Kate Corkery and see if they can learn to live together?


Episode 46 – The Fox and the Foolish Fishes

This week’s story is a Jewish trickster story told by Pamela Marre about how a fox fooled an angel when the world was new. You have to be a bit brave to listen to this story because it’s go a scary sea monster in it – but it’s only a story monster. Will the fox be able to trick the monster too ? Have a listen and find out.

This work kindly shared by Pamela under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Episode 45 – Rooster Finds Gold

How can a little rooster get a greedy king to listen to him? Will he succeed? Listen to Kim telling this interactive story from Iraq and find out.



Episode 44 – El Cangrejo -The Crab King.

What do you do with a bully who is bigger than you? This lively story told by Kate Corkery is from the Amazon Rain Forest in South America, and shows us what some little creatures did to solve the problem.

Episode 43 – How the Rainbow Got into the Sky

How do you think the rainbow got into the sky? Listen carefully, because Pamela Marre is going to tell you a How and Why story which tells you what the Shoshone people in North America have to say about it.

Episode 42 – Mrs Rabbit and the Fox

Did you know that rabbits haven’t always lived in burrows? According to this Irish story told by Kate Corkery – there was a time when one particular rabbit fancied something a bit grander.

Episode 41 – Bonus Episode – Bullfrogs and Lizards: Roberta Rabbit and Her Pig

This week we are giving you a bit of a treat. This is a bonus guest story about a pig. It comes from a Series of Australian stories called Bullfrogs and Lizards. They’re narrated by David Smith, the co producer on Supergreat kids’ Stories. David grew up in Australia.

Bullfrogs and Lizards isn’t a series of traditional folk tales and fairy tales like the ones on Supergreat Kids’ Stories, – these stories were made up by David’s Grandad and told to David and his sister when he was little, and now he’s recorded them to share with you.

In this story, Roberta Rabbit has recently won a little pig at her school fair and her pig turns out to be very helpful on the farm…

Episode 40 – Baboon and Tortoise

In this trickster story – best friends Baboon and Tortoise decide to grow some fig trees. But Baboon tricks Tortoise out of his fair share of figs. What would you do if a friend did that to you? Have a listen to Kim telling this story from East and Southern Africa, and find out what tortoise does.

Episode 39 – Tiddalink the Thirsty Frog

In this Aboriginal story from Australia, Tiddalink the frog is so thirsty, he drinks all the water in the billabong. That leaves the other animals with no water to drink and wondering what to do. What would you do? Listen to Tuup tell this old tale to hear how they sorted the problem.

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If you’d like to learn more about the First Nations People of Australia and the work being done to preserve their rich and ancient culture, visit the excellent website –


Episode 38 – The Monkey who looked for Trouble

Do you sometimes want to do something all by yourself? In this story from Haiti told by Kim, little monkey goes off all by himself to find some trouble… and gets a little more than he expected.


Episode 37 – The Hodja’s Party Clothes.

What would you do if you were sent home from a party because your clothes were too scruffy? Listen to Tuup telling this tale from Turkey to find out what the Hodja did. (It’s a bit silly).

Episode 36 – The Laughing Prince

Do you like making people laugh? So does Tiernan who tells this story from the Balkans in South Eastern Europe. It’s about a funny boy who loves to tell jokes, and a bored Princess who longs to laugh. Will she find his jokes funny? Listen to Tiernan telling this story and find out.


Episode 35 – The Parrot’s Advice

This story is about a clever Parrot who longs to escape from his cage and return to his friends and family. At one point in the story, it looks as if the parrot has died, but take heart, things are not always as they seem. Keep listening to this lovely story from Pamela Marre to hear the happy ending.

Episode 34 – Donkey’s Band and the Big Bad Robbers.

How would you feel if you were an animal and your owner didn’t want you any more? This group of 4 animals decide to dust themselves down, pick themselves up, and start a band. They might not sing pretty, but their voices are useful for scaring off robbers. Can you help Kim, by joining in this noisy tale from Germany?


Episode 33 – Tianjay and The Yellow Dress

Can Tianjay’s friends save her from her mean great aunt and the scary man with skinny arms and skinny legs? In this Caribbean tale told by Tuup, we see the power of friendship in action. In the words of the African proverb…. ‘when spiders unite, they can tie up a lion.’ Warning – this story is a bit scary. If you’re not one for scary stories you might want to try How the Stars Became Episode 6 or Why the Sky is Far Away episode 3.


Episode 32 – Pip and the Moon Rabbit

Can a dog and a strange rabbit from the moon become friends? Have a listen to Kim telling this story from Tibet and find out.



Episode 31 – The Monster in the Maze (or Theseus and the Minotaur)

This week we have an exciting story from Greece about a fight between a Monster and a Prince. You have to be a bit brave to listen, because the monster likes snacking on children ……but it’s only a story monster and you’ll be pleased to hear that it has a very happy ending. It’s told by the kids’ comedian Tiernan Douieb, so it’s also very funny. Let us know if you were brave enough to listen all the way to the end.

Episode 30 – Baby Crocodile’s Birthday – It’s baby crocodile’s birthday and he’s so hungry he could eat an elephant. Is that a good idea? Listen to Tuup’s story from East Africa and find out.


Episode 29 – The Owl Girls and the Witch – Would you like to turn into a bird and fly off on an adventure? The two friends in this story did just that – but did they make it home? Listen to Kim telling this story from Argentina and find out. (Warning – this story has a witch in it, but she’s a good witch so it’s not very scary.)



Episode 28 – The Mouse Bride Groom – In this, the first of our stories about Love and Friendship we hear an Indian story told by Peter Chand. It’s about a mouse couple who are looking for someone to marry their daughter. They search far and wide across the sky, and end up, you’ve guessed it, back in their village. You’ll need your best storytelling skills for this one, because there’s lots of participation.


Episode 27 – The Race Between Donkey and Toad – Can a tiny toad win a race against a long-legged donkey who brags and brays? Maybe, with a bit of trickery. Listen to this Jamaican Folk Tale told by Nadine Wild-Palmer and find out who wins.

Episode 26 – Anansi the trickster spider wants all the common sense in the world for himself. But even clever spiders don’t always get what they want. Here’s Tuup to tell you this funny story from West Africa.


Episode 25 – Valentine’s Day Special: Princess Frankie and the Frog – Can a Princess fall in love with a frog? Listen to Kim telling this Brothers Grimm fairytale from Germany, and find out.


Episode 24 – Loki the Trickster and the God of Thunder – Is it a good idea to go to a frost giant’s party? The two friends in this Viking story decided it was a good idea – and even though they had superpowers, they only just escaped very big trouble.

Here’s Tiernan Douieb to tell you how they did it.

Episode 23 – How the Elephant got its Trunk – Did you know that long ago elephant had a shiny little button nose? That’s according to Peter Chand who tells this story from India about ‘How the Elephant got its Trunk’

Episode 22 – Odon The Giant – Is it a good idea to take on a giant if you are a tiny little sunbird? Have a listen to Kim telling this story from The Philippines, and see what you think?


Episode 21 – A Fearsome Creature in the House -Imagine coming home one day to find a monster in your house. That’s what happened to poor old hare in this trickster story from South Sudan. But who’s the trickster? Have a listen to storyteller Pamela Marre and you’ll find out.

Creative Commons License
This work is kindly shared by Pamela under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Episode 20 – This episode’s tale is called The Coyote and Baby Turtle. It’s from North America and it’s told by Tuup. Even if you’re small and slow you can still “out-trick” a trickster.

Episode 19 – Kojo is a very clever rabbit, but he’s also a trickster rabbit. He’s a bit naughty, and uses tricks to get what he wants. In this story, Kojo wants wisdom. The story is from West Africa and is told by Kim.

This work is kindly shared by Kim under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


Episode 18 – In the next set of Supergreat Kids’ stories, we’re going to hear Trickster Tales from around the world. We’ll meet lots of characters, who like to play tricks on their friends.

This story is about Anansi the spider who tried to trick his friends and steal their food…..but it didn’t quite work as he’d planned. The story is from West Africa and The Caribbean, and is retold by Kim Normanton.

This work is kindly shared by Kim under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Episode 17 – Have you ever had a grumpy, bad tempered Christmas or Special Day when nothing went right? That’s how Joe felt, until his Christmas blew away all together. This is the story of how Joe rescued Christmas and made it much better. It’s written and told by Kim Normanton.

This work is kindly shared by Kim under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Episode 16 – This is a story about a little fish and a star who both have secret wishes to explore beyond their own small world. It’s written and told by our storyteller Pamela Marre. If you like the story, maybe you could draw a picture of the fish and the star and send it to us here or just tell us which is your favourite Super Great Kids’ Story. We’d love to hear from you.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Episode 15 – Have you ever found a star which has come down to earth? The Native American people from North America tell stories about the star people. This tale is called The Star Maidens and it’s told by Tuup.

Episode 14 – On a clear night, if you look up at the sky, you will see the Milky Way. Scientists tell us it’s a galaxy made from billions of stars and gas, and it looks kind of…… milky.

But the Shoshoni people of North America have their own ‘How and Why’ story about those stars which involves sparkly snow, and some rather grumpy bears. Here’s storyteller Pamela Marre to tell us more.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Episode 13 – In the next set of Supergreat Kids’ stories, we’re going to hear starry and wintery tales from around the world.

This story is about a snow wolf and a boy who are friends. It was inspired by the Nenets people who live at the top of the world in the snowy Siberian Arctic. There is a scary moment in this story when the hunter comes along with his gun, but keep listening, because it has a twinkly, happy ending.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Episode 12 – This tale is from East Africa and told by Tuup. It’s all about a magical tree. When you call out its name, it grows delicious fruits and gushes water from its roots. But, you have to remember its name!

Episode 11 – Can you imagine having hundreds of rats running around your house and nibbling at your toes while you’re in bed every night? Storyteller Pamela Marre is going to tell us a fairytale from Germany which is full of rats!

Episode 10 – Have you ever been walking in the woods and heard strange voices?
Well, this magical fairytale told by Tuup is about the things that live within the woods.

Episode 9 – This fairy tale from Zimbabwe, in Southern Africa, is a bit like Cinderella – except that the fairy godmother is a crocodile. And instead of a Prince’s ball it’s a birthday party. Is a crocodile at a birthday party a good idea? Have a listen, and you’ll find out.

Episode 8 – This next tale is from Russia. Russia has a lot of great fairy tales. You have to be brave to listen to this story because it’s about a witch – Baba Yaga, who eats children… but she’s only a “story witch” not a real one. And the story has a happy ending!

Episode 7 – In the next set of Supergreat Kids’ stories, we’re going to hear fairy tales from around the world. We have a witch from Russia who eats children, a giant from the Philippines who crushes creatures under his feet, and we bring you a rather unusual version of ‘Cinderella and the Crocodile’ from Zimbabwe in Southern Africa. But first, we hear from a grandmother in India who outwits a wolf, and a tiger in order to get through the dark, dark, woods to visit her
granddaughter. Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin. Mouth open, story jump out!

Episode 6 – Have you ever been out at night an looked up at the stars and wondered how they got there? Well in this episode we hear a story which people tell in Southern Africa about ‘how the stars became’.

Episode 5 – Have you ever seen a lion dance during Chinese new year? Well in this episode, the story which I’m going to tell you is ‘how the lion dance became.

Episode 4 – If you like snakes – you’ll like this story, so listen closely, because in this episode we’re going to hear from Tuup about a story from South America about why the rattle snake rattles and how snakes got their poison.’

Episode 3 – Would you eat the sky if you could? In this episode we’re going to hear a story told by Pamela Marre about a time when people did eat the sky. Pamela has always been surrounded by her Jewish family stories and she tells tells traditional stories from many cultures. Today her story is from Nigeria in West Africa about Why the Sky is Far Away.

Episode 2 – In this episode I’m going to tell you a story about how the mosquito became. Do you know, what a mosquito is? That’s right! It’s a little fly which buzzes and bites.. There are giants in this story. But don’t be scared, they’re only story giants. Are you ready? ‘mouth open, story jump out!’

Episode 1 – In this episode we’re going to hear an Innuit story from Tuup. Tuup is an wonderful storyteller from London with Guyanese parents. He’s going to tell us an Innuit story from Northern Canada about ‘How the Whale Got Its Sad Song.’ So sit back, relax, and let the magic begin…. As we storytellers say: ‘ Mouth Open, Story Jump Out.’




Kim Normanton has been telling traditional stories in schools and museums around the UK for twenty years.
She began telling stories in her children’s school and her interest just grew ‘bigger, and bigger, and bigger’. As a qualified teacher (UK QTS) with a specialism in Early Years and Key Stage 1, she particularly enjoys stories for 3 – 8 year olds, with an emphasis on participation and fun. She uses rhymes and singing and has a world repertoire from African fables to Indian fairy tales. Kim has produced many feature programmes for BBC Radio. Her interest in storytelling has emerged on the airwaves. She’s produced programmes about Cinderella, Creation Stories and Indian folktales. To learn more about Kim go to

Godfrey Duncan (who likes to be known as Tuup) was born in West London, of Guyanese parents. From the age of about 20 he took the name Tuup, a name born out of a vision he had one night. TUUP joined the West London Storytelling Unit, run by Ben Haggarty and Georgiana, an Innovative Arts group looking at Performance Storytelling for Adults.
In the late 80s he formed a storytelling group along with Indian dancer Flora Devi called “Tellers of Time” (Indian tales & dance & Afro-Caribbean tales & rhythm.)
TUUP has been retelling traditional stories for many years. He is one of the most inspirational storytellers from the African-Caribbean community, as well as the wider International Storytelling. If you liked Tuup’s stories about the snake king and the whale and want to contact him, his website is here.

Pamela Marre has always been surrounded by her Jewish family stories. She began working with them in experimental theatre in the late 70’s with various improvising groups and in a duo with Japanese artist Kazuko Hohki. In the late 80’s Pamela started linking the stories together and working as a solo storyteller. She works with traditional storytelling material from all cultures. Pamela’s interest in history and the spoken word, led her to work for many years at Imperial War Museums where she captivated adults and visiting school children with her stories. Kim has vivid memories of Pamela running an evacuation re-enactment day – mesmerising children with her version of the Pied Piper. Contact Pamela via

British Indian storyteller Peter Chand is one of Europe’s most renowned storytellers and is constantly in demand for his tales of wisdom, love, and the supernatural. He has shared his tales across Britain and has also performed in Norway, France, Austria, Canada, and Singapore, amongst other countries. He is also a respected trainer, leading workshops with teachers, librarians, budding storytellers, and anyone trying to find their voice and gain confidence when performing in public.

Peter is also part of the organising team of Festival at the Edge, which is the oldest storytelling festival in England., and is currently Storyteller in Residence at The Story Museum in Oxford. If you want to contact Peter please go to Facebook Page –


Tiernan Douieb is a stand-up comedian, or at least was until the coronavirus made that less fun to do. He’s also a writer, podcaster, actor, very amateur juggler (he can catch one ball), noodle fan, experienced sigher, and very tired dad.
He has performed all over the world in most of the best comedy clubs and theatres and also several of the worst ones.
Tiernan is the regular host, writer and everything for the Partly Political Broadcast, a comedy politics podcast that was one of The Observer’s Top Ten Political Podcasts of 2018. They didn’t do a chart in 2019 so I think it still counts.
He also co-runs Comedy Club 4 Kids, shouting jokes at other people’s children mainly because his own daughter is a much tougher audience.
Tiernan has written for TV, articles, podcasts, adverts, other comedians and a variety of angry but creative post-it notes on the van parked right outside his flat that’s been there for ages and is doing his head in. He has also done some of that acting, including in C4’s Fresh Meat and a beer commercial for beer that he’s never actually enjoyed.

Once he saw a squirrel eating a cornetto like a human would and that’s probably up there in his top 5 life moments


Nadine Wild Palmer is a writer and creator of: stories, books, songs, poetry, scripts, comedy, music and theatre. Nadine’s debut children’s novel The Tunnels Below, is published by Pushkin Press. 

Kate Corkery

Since growing up behind the counter of a little sweet shop in Ireland, Kate has loved listening to stories. 

Straight after University, Kate spent 3 years teaching in Kenya where she picked up a little Swahili and a lot of great African folk tales. 

Since then she has gone on to tell and collect stories throughout Ireland, The UK and Europe, and has been invited to perform far and wide internationally.  In recognition of her extensive tours to China and South America, Kate was awarded ‘World Good Will and Cultural Ambassador  2019’ – for her “outstanding talent, passion ,depth and hard work”

 For over 20 years Kate has delighted audiences big and small in schools, libraries, museums, theatres and festivals. As well as solo work, she has also joined forces with other wonderful tellers along the way. With Winston Nzinga, she forms half of the dynamic Celtic/Caribbean duo “Spud and Yam”- and with Anne Johnson she is a core member of Everyday Magic collaborating on writing and recording educational materials and bringing exciting storytelling and music projects to London schools.

She loves to share myths, legends and reminiscences from her native home and was honoured with a BASE award for most outstanding storytelling  performance in “Sweetshop on the Shore” – her autobiographical show – highly acclaimed as  “an Irish’ Under Milk Wood’.”

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