Supergreat Kids' Stories

Supergreat Kids’ Stories



Welcome to Supergreat Kids’ Stories, fun tales to make you laugh and cry with some of the best storytellers from around the world, recommended for ages 5 to 105…

In this series we bring you ‘How and Why Stories’ which are stories which people made up years ago to explain how things like stars and mosquitos got into the world..and why things are the way they are.

Supergreat Kids’ Stories is a co-production between Wardour Studios and storyteller Kim Normanton.

Episode 1 – In this episode we’re going to hear an Innuit story from Tuup. Tuup is an wonderful storyteller from London with Guyanese parents. He’s going to tell us an Innuit story from Northern Canada about ‘How the Whale got it’s Sad Song.’ So sit back, relax, and let the magic begin…. As we storytellers say: ‘ Mouth Open, Story Jump Out.’

Episode 2 – In this episode I’m going to tell you a story about how the mosquito became. Do you know, what a mosquito is? That’s right! It’s a little fly which buzzes and bites.. There are giants in this story. But don’t be scared, they’re only story giants. Are you ready? ‘mouth open, story jump out!’

Episode 3 – Would you eat the sky if you could? In this episode we’re going to hear a story told by Pamela Marre about a time when people did eat the sky. Pamela has always been surrounded by her Jewish family stories and she tells tells traditional stories from many cultures. Today her story is from Nigeria in West Africa about Why the Sky is Far Away.

Episode 4 – If you like snakes – you’ll like this story, so listen closely, because in this episode we’re going to hear from Tuup about a story from South America about why the rattle snake rattles and how snakes got their poison.’

Episode 5 – Have you ever seen a lion dance during Chinese new year? Well in this episode, the story which I’m going to tell you is ‘how the lion dance became.



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